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but be it me, or it's you, the leisure class ~ it's the underdog world strike

it is all connected through the gypsy part of town...

RiSe & FalL oF The eVerLasTiNg ChAos
30 July 1987

Drawing by nitaface and coloring by me

So, here I am, yet again, trying to write something that people may consider a reflection of me. I’m not sure what possessed me to do this at this time of the day, on a lazy Sunday not afternoon yet. But what’s done it’s done and knows I can’t go back now. And by that I mean that, when I actually can erased the sentences I’ve already written, shut down the computer and pretend this whole incident never happened, at the moment I’m in the mood for writing absolute vague herds of sentences with no coherence at all. And when I’m in the mood, I can only go with it and pray it won’t end up in a complete disaster. It usually does, but still the praying seem to be a weird comforting way of placing the guilt in somebody’s else’s hand, said person may be good, the devil or a complete innocent bystander that by this moment must feel very guilty indeed.

ANYWAY, the last paragraph, confusing and poorly written, may be a free sample of the kind of gibberish you would find in this journal, beyond the friends only wall of doom. But fear not, I don’t post as much as people want me not posting, even when the general audience pull for a not at all, my brief appearances are… well, brief and not very often. Although I may be lying, because you don’t know me, and as far as you know I may be one of those people who do that kind of thing. Only I’m not, I may not be coherent and well written, but above all I’m VERY lazy. Notice the caps lock accentuating the word very, because indeed VERY (even in caps lock) lacks the true strength to express the amount of laziness I posses.
So, by the last two paragraphs you have learn that I’m highly incoherent, murderer of the English language and VERY VERY lazy. I could keep all day, writing endless paragraphs of my own grammatical delirium, but I won’t, because I don’t want to. I actually have others things to do that do not involved me typing in my computer. So I’ll write the rest of this thing in the shorter way possible, and by that, of course, I mean that I would keep writing until I fall sleep and then I’ll post it as it is. So don’t be too surprised when this text finishes in a very random sentence, in the middle of a story about how I almost took the bus late the other day going to a class.

Cutting down the chit chat, the following is all the information I’m willing to give about myself. My name is Gimena, but it’s pronounced Rocco almost everywhere, except in certain zones of the Buenos Aires capitalistic neighborhoods. I’m only a very young argentinean teenager of 19 who is not at all soon to be 20 on July 30th. I’m a honorable student of the University of Buenos Aires, following a respectable career in Letters, which, despise all the rumors, does not involve at all weekly orgies and free drugs, at least until the third year. My interest can be easily seen in the interest part, under this.

In addition to that, these are “the things you should know if considering adding me as a friend”:
- I’m terrified to manatees and river dolphins, so if you are a manatee and river dolphin freak, avoid me. Believe me; it’s for everybody’s own sake.
– I’m a chocolate addict, so if you hate chocolate, I HATE YOU! That do not applied if you just don’t like chocolate, in that case, we can be friends, but I WILL NEVER take you for ice cream.
– I’m very opinionated, not only in politics but also, in social matters of importance. It may not seem true, but sometimes I express these opinions in a somewhat clear way. If you are the kind of person who is sensitive to other people opinions, in particular when they are different from your own, and you feel the need of verbally attacking that person, I’ll say LOOK THAT! And then ran away as fast as I can. Physical attack is ok, because I have a group of highly trained ninja assassins guarding me all day and night. So consider yourself warned, they are very good ninjas.

I think that’s all, but most surely I tired of writing and just want to end this. If you read this whole thing and still want to add me as a friend, well CONGRATULATIONS! A box of cookies is on your way, it’s empty because I was hungry, but still it’s a very nice box, you can make a collage out of it.
So, this torturing group of random combination of letters of over.
Have a nice day

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